5 Ways Furnace Maintenance Pays for Itself

October 15 2018

Many people wonder if furnace maintenance is a good investment. The short answer is yes. Routine HVAC inspections are one of the best ways to safeguard your home and your wallet. Here’s 5 ways furnace maintenance will pay for itself.

1. Increased Energy Efficiency & Extended Life Expectancy

Heating systems that are well cared for will experience fewer problems, they’ll last longer and run more efficiently – saving you bundle on your winter utility bills. 

2. Improved Indoor Air Quality

If you’re like most Michigan residents, you keep your doors and windows closed during the winter months. In fact, you probably take extra caution to avoid letting cold air in. Little did you know that the tight seal you’ve maintained, can be working to your disadvantage.  Over time, dirt, bacteria and pollutants can build up in your indoor air and become trapped inside your home. With routine furnace maintenance, we ensure that your heating system is clean and air you breathe is as healthy as possible.

3. Prevent Inconvenient Breakdowns

It’s the coldest night of the year, and your furnace decides to call it quits, leaving you and your family without heat. Not only did this untimely breakdown leave you feeling panicked and uncomfortable, but also left you with an unexpected, and rather hefty repair bill. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, this unpleasant situation, is much more likely to happen when you do not regularly maintain your heating system.

4. Minimize Repair Costs

During a routine inspection, our experts are trained and certified to pinpoint and address problems before they become costly repairs.

5. Maintain System Warranty

Did you know that most HVAC manufacturers, as a term of their warranty agreements, require that an annual inspection be performed? Those systems that have not been maintained to manufacturer’s specifications, may be subject to a voided warranty. Don’t get left holding the bag, protect yourself and your investment with routine furnace maintenance – we guarantee it’ll pay for itself!