Gas Unit Heaters


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Garage Too Cold?

Keeping your garage or workspace warm in the winter months can be valuable for several reasons.  It keeps the pipes from freezing, it keeps the kids warm during transport from house to car, makes working conditions more comfortable and it eliminates long, warm up periods for your vehicle. Steele Heating & Cooling offers quality Reznor gas unit heaters capable of heating any size garage or workspace.  Check out more details below or contact us for a free consultation.



Reznor Edge

  • Up to 93% gas fuel efficiency
  • Low electrical usage
  • Heating range from 30 – 1,200 MBH
  • CFM range from 380 – 16,750
  • Available for 60 Hz or 50 Hz operation
  • Propane conversion kit available
  • Vertical or horizontal venting
  • Quiet performance

Why Heat Your Garage?

  • Keep you and your children warm while transferring from home to car
  • Reduce car engine wear and tear caused by cold starts
  • Maintain your garage either at comfortable working / living temperature or just above freezing
  • Prevent the freezing of pipes that may be located in uninsulated garage walls.

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